Tractor Tread Rings

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$19.95 USD
Tractor Tread Rings are safe and stylish silicone rings with a unique tractor tread design. A lot of hard-working people choose not to wear a traditional metal band because of the safety risk. Metal rings can easily be caught and can cause irreversible damage if they are pulled off, smashed, or twisted in heavy equipment. Our company founder was unfortunately a victim of ring gloving, a phenomenon when all the skin is torn off a finger during an accident. And that’s why we’re so passionate about the safety and style of silicone rings! These accidents can cause irreversible damage, and rack up costly medical bills. A silicone ring from Tractor Tread Rings lets you stay safe while sporting a stylish and customizable band. They are also inexpensive, which makes it much more bearable if one gets lost. And each Tractor Tread Ring comes with a 1-year guarantee against breakage or tearing. The best feature of these rings is the unique tractor tread design, which is perfect for farmers, ranchers, CrossFit enthusiasts, personal trainers, precision ag experts, and more!