Tractor Tread Rings Products The ultimate product feed for Facebook - part of the Pixel Perfect app by wyred-up shopify_1800345485430Tractor Tread Rings Tractor Tread Rings are silicone rings with a unique tractor tread design. Most farmers and rancher I know don’t wear a wedding ring at all due to the hazards of getting it caught on something and tearing off a finger or causing irreversible damage. With a Tractor Tread Rings silicone ring, that hazard is greatly reduced. They also cost less than traditional gold wedding rings, so if you happen to loose one, they can be replaced inexpensively. The best aspect of these rings is the very cool tractor tread design. Tractor Tread Rings were designed with the farmer/rancher in mind. Tread Rings new 1800345485430in stockApparel & Accessories > Jewelry > RingsCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 19.95USD