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About Us

Who I am: My name is Greg Myers. I grew up on the family farm and ranch in Southwest Kansas where I enjoyed driving tractors, combines, various other equipment and helping raise cattle. After high school, I attended Kansas State University and became a veterinarian. My first job led me to Texas where I still reside today with my wife and two sons.  

The reason I wear a silicone ring: I was boating with my family 9 years ago at a lake in Oklahoma. I was trying to get back in the boat from the side and slipped. My ring got caught on the boat as I fell back in the water with all my weight. Needless to say, it pinched my wedding ring and tore all the skin loose from the base of my finger. All I could see was bone and tendon where my ring used to be. My wedding ring had to be cut off my finger before surgery could begin. I am glad to say I still have my finger and did not lose function. I was very lucky. I didn’t wear a ring until 6 years later when I discovered silicone rings.

Why tractor treads: I started a toy tractor collection at an early age and continue collecting and customizing today. I have always enjoyed this hobby and both of my sons now collect as well. I was helping my youngest son customize a 1/64th scale tractor one evening. He had the rear tires off the rims and asked me to hold them for a second. I slipped them over my finger so I could have my hands to assist with the project. When he needed them back, I looked at my finger with the tire on it and thought “that would make a cool ring.” So, the process began for Tractor Tread Rings.

What do these rings mean to me??  Read our blog post: "31 miles from nowhere!!  What these rings mean to me" to find out.




Sizing Chart
Please be sure to verify your ring size before ordering.  The best way to find your size is to have a professional measure your finger.  You can measure your current ring or use a string to measure the circumference and diameter of the finger you wish to wear your Tractor Tread Ring on.  Our ring sizes have been verified by a jeweler so you can order with confidence.